(performance documentation; video from within the classroom, audio from within the cafe)



two laptops, live video projection, duration:1hr


This performance was done while I was in graduate school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and I was living in Beverly, MA and working at a café there.  I had the privilege of being a part of a class titled, Performance Projects. This class met twice per week, six hours per day, for two semesters.

In the spring of the second semester, it became increasingly difficult for me to make work, to keep up with reading, to participate in discussions, and to bridge the gap between my academic life and my home life. This piece was built to fail.  This was my attempt to be in two places at once. I went to class for the first 3 hours, caught a train, and for the second half of the day I worked a shift at the café.

A laptop was set up in the classroom and the screen was projected onto the wall and I placed another on a shelf in the café, they were connected via Skype. There were attempts to communicate through text message but ultimately I couldn’t focus and the communication broke down. A classmate made an attempt to capture the critique of the piece through instant messages that I was unable to respond to or read until I took my break. My colleagues were frustrated and I was stressed.

I never wrote a statement for this piece. I think I always viewed it as a failed experiment. I felt though, that it should be included here. In looking back, it was meant to be a bridge between two sides of myself and ultimately it fell short and broke down – it is quite possibly the most personal piece that I have made and is in many ways, a very accurate self-portrait. In that way – I don’t view it as a failure.