(audio and video excerpts)



various objects, video projection, audio track, running time: 4hrs


Created for my MFA thesis in the Elizabeth A. Beland Gallery at Essex Art Center in Lawrence, MA.

In 1959 Utica Club beer began using a group of talking steins in their most memorable ad campaign. My grandfather collected all of these characters. When my grandfather died in 1989 these were left to his children and grandchildren. I was four years old and too young to understand what had happened. I have very little memory of him. I vaguely remember being in his apartment. He would give me graham crackers and orange soda when I visited. I remember two toys that he had for me to play with, a Mr. Potato Head and a robot that counted change, and I remember these steins. As a child I was unaware that this object would become a physical representation of these fleeting memories of my grandfather.

This Is In This is an investigation of the other. What do we have in common? What separates us? The thing is the point of entry. Its subjective function in one’s personal history creates a space for projection and communication.

Outside the space, against the title wall, there was a shelf.  The shelf was filled with various objects with unknown histories, many of which were purchased from the Canal St. Antiques Mall across the street from the gallery. Inside the space the lights were low and audio played at the volume of quiet conversation.  The audio is pulled from interviews I conducted in which I asked others about their things. Two projections looped on separate walls. One, a video exploring the interior of the antiques mall and the other, still-photos of objects in peoples homes.